Working with the banks as well as some of the most prominent investment firms in Canada and the U.S., we understand the need for top marketing and analytics talent in this industry.



The insurance industry has been experiencing large-scale digital transformation. We’ve been able to support this level of change with digital talent on a contract and permanent basis.


We’ve worked with architectural and engineering firms to find the right B2B marketing and digital candidates in this highly specialized niche.


Working with global law firms as well as highly specialized boutique firms, we identify the best marketing, business development and communications talent for the industry. We also offer a unique understanding of some of the universal factors affecting the industry.

Management Consulting

The pace and demands of management consulting tend to be extreme and can require the distinctive qualities of a  “Type A” personality. We can help find the right fit with the right technical skills; including those who are able to meet the travel requirements of this sector.


The automotive industry is experiencing rapid technological changes, such as infusing AI. Top tech talent is essential to help this industry reach its goals, and we can identify the right candidates.


Whether it’s a start-up, high-growth or enterprise company, the tech industry often needs talent for positions that have only existed for a short period. We help these companies by looking at “attitude and aptitude” as well as the skills, to find the right fit.


We look for candidates who have had either industry experience or a passion for the lifestyles category, and help our clients and candidates discover relevant connections.


Understanding the regulations of the pharma industry is complex and requires talent with this specific background and understanding. We understand the needs and make sure we’re well connected in this space.

Marketing, Media & Ad Agency

The pace of agency life is like nothing else. Fit is critical for any roles here, especially when an agency requires award-winning creatives or a sub-specialty, such as paid search expertise. We’re well connected with the ever-changing landscape of this industry and its players.