Happiness is so fundamental to us as humans and so important to our mental health. Yet it’s more and more elusive with each generation. It has nothing to do with money – some of the poorest countries in the world have the happiest people.

Millennials and GenZ have some of the highest rates of anxiety and depression ever seen.

We’re now at a point that something so common and fundamental to us and our way of life needs to be learned or re-learned. How bad is it? Well Yale offers a course on happiness – the program is called the “Science of Well-Being”. Ultimately, it’s rooted in mindfulness. The program works to help develop good daily habits, focus on experiences vs. possessions and express gratitude and appreciation. Just as misery loves company, so does happiness.

In our lifespan, so much time is spent at work where happiness and good habits also need to be cultivated. Enjoy the work challenges, savour achievements and look for learning opportunities. Being happy isn’t someone else’s responsibility – it’s all within our grasp.